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The places I wander rest at the margins of the urban environment- edgeland places. These are places neither built for clear purpose, nor found completely wild and untouched. They are instead places of residue, often ignored or seen as problematic wasteland. As "edgeland" sites, defined by the ways in which humans have marked the landscape and ways in which the natural environment has endured in spite of our human intervention. The malleable environments that exist and even thrive at the edgeland space reveal a landscape that evolves around human activity. 


The selection of sites is deliberate though there is an ambiguity about any specific location. These are places mostly unnoticed and vulnerable where the visible marks and traces left behind could easily be erased, removing any certain marker of its history.  The view offers an uncanny index of humankind’s discarded fragments. Titled as Encounters:  these photographs reveal a depopulated world where the perspective is one of eerie detachment- like evidence at a crime scene. 

I am compelled by the resilience of nature as I wander this space, imagining a possible future world- one without human presence.  Here, nature sustains, not as mankind would have it, but nonetheless reasserting itself around the scars, and finding new expression. 

As we navigate our environment attempting reconcile our relationship to the land we might in fact discover that nature moves on‐certainly altered by our presence yet, with utter disregard to our existence.


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