The Luminary announces a New Art Installation

St Louis Magazine, October 25, 2019



Q&A Strange Fire Collective

Interview with Abbey Hepner

July 18, 2019

Interpreting the American Bottom

Center for Land Use Interpretation

Lay of the Land, Winter 2018

Atlas St Louis: The Fate of the Landscape

Art in America

by James McAnally, February 2018

Artists Create Work That Explores the Edges of St. Louis

St. Louis Public Radio

by Willis Ryder Arnold, December 2017

Reaching for Higher Ground

The Source, the Record Washington University

by Liam Otten, February 2017

Washington Park Cemetery Its People and Place

All The Art 

Fall 2017

Washington Park Cemetery: Then and Now Photographing the History

of Disruption at an African American Burial Ground in St Louis 

​​Places Journal 

June 2017

Higher Ground: Remembering Washington Park Cemetery

The St Louis American 

by Mark Loeher, March 2017

Washington Park Cemetery From Hallowed to Hollowed Ground

Washington University Center for the Humanities

March 2017 

Multimedia Exhibition in St Louis Explores Forsaken History of Washington Park Cemetery

Alive Magazine

by Terry Perkins, March 2017

Wasteland Ecology Series


December 2016 

Interactive Project Will Let Users Explore St. Louis Flood Plain Online and on Foot

St. Louis Public Radio 

by Willis Ryder Arnold, June 2016

Edgeland Space: Jennifer Colten

Terratory Journal

by Ryan Nameth​, January 2016  

From a ‘Topographic’ to an ‘Environmental’ Understanding of Space 

at the Museum für Photographie, Braunschweig

Depth of Field, ScherpteDiepte Volume 7 No.1

by Seyed Abolfazl Shobeir, December 2015 ​

A Look into the Past and Presence of the New Topographics Movement 

Depth of Field Scherpte Diepte 

by Gisela Parak, December 2015

Jennifer Colten: Peripheral Landscapes. 45



Photographing Urban Margins: Jennifer Colten’s  Wasteland Ecology

Edge Effects 

by Gisela Parak, December 2014


Women in the Landscape: Jennifer Colten

Tilted Arc 

Interview with Lauren Henkin, 2014